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Personalizing Your Jewelry

When it comes to shopping for jewelry, there's nothing worse than bringing something home and knowing you bought it for the wrong reasons: It looked good on someone else. It looked trendy. It was on sale. But the fact is, it just isn't you - so the item sits in a drawer, forever relegated to the "don't wear it but hate to get rid of it" section.

If you want to make sure you always love what you buy, it pays to get to know yourself. That's what developing your personal style is all about: Learning what you (really and truly, in your heart) like and dislike, so whatever you purchase can stand as an example of who you are. Some say personal style is the sum total of several aspects of your life: Your likes, dislikes, your environment - but there also has to be that "je ne sais quoi" feeling of "I feel confident!" in your step.
But how do you find your own personal style?

Here are some tips.

Go for your ideal diamonds

Now, we're not talking about what other people think - this means emulating your ideal. What do you think is beautiful? What turns your head? Do you like a style that is contemporary or classic? Do you gravitate to detailed or streamlined styles? Bright gemstones or white diamonds? Think about these things when you shop: you might be surprised!

consider comfort

It doesn't matter how stylish a piece of jewelry is - if you're not comfortable wearing it, you won't feel great and therefore won't look your very best. So consider what makes you feel comfortable: Do you feel constricted in a tight choker? Too overdone in an opera length necklace? Do you prefer a smaller earring? Focusing on your own ease of movement will help you avoid buying things that you linger in a drawer later.

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