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Home Jewelry Gift Advice What' Her jewelry Style?
What' Her jewelry Style?
By Sharon Goldman Edry

Jewelry is a uniquely personal gift - when it comes to diamonds, gold and gems, one size definitely does NOT fit all. So if you want to get a genuine hug and kiss when you bestow a gift of jewelry on your loved one, make sure you fit the present to her personality. Use our guide to figure out what type of jewelry lover you're purchasing for - with a bit of forethought, you can buy her a gift she'll treasure forever.

Cultured Beauty
She's well-read. She's intelligent. She's beautiful. The good news is, she's got great taste. But guess what - she'll expect you to have good taste too. So think Audrey Hepburn: get elegant, timeless, classic pieces of quality.

Her favorite celebrity: Audrey Hepburn
Her favorite magazine: The New Yorker
Her favorite item of clothing: A little black dress

Guaranteed-to-please jewelry gifts:
 a pair of diamond stud earrings
 a strand of top-quality Japanese Akoya pearls
(a la Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's).

She's strong. She's buff. And she can run circles around you. But just because she's an athlete doesn't mean she doesn't like to dress up from time to time! So get her a beautiful bauble that shows off those toned muscles without slowing her down.

Her favorite celebrity: Mia Hamm
Her favorite magazine: Sports Illustrated
Her favorite item of clothing: sports bra

Corporate Climber
If the woman in your life has her career on full throttle, she'll appreciate a jewelry gift that can take her from the office to an evening out, that will go with her office wardrobe; and that offers a bold but not outrageous statement. Remember: She can probably afford to buy her jewelry on her own, so get her something extra special!

Her favorite celebrity: Bill Gates
Her favorite magazine: Forbes
Her favorite item of clothing: The perfect pantsuit
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